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Another Kind of Visitor

Nature is of course varied and infinite. Even in the winter garden…hawks, fox, squirrels, and the odd possum (yuk.)  But yesterday I had visitors I actually would prefer to keep to the woods across the highway and the creek down by … Continue reading

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WELL! Imagine that….it has been three years since I have posted here.  THREE YEARS!?!?!?! What have I been doing….lots of great reading for one thing and lots of lunches with pals and lots of gardening.

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Typical of moody April, today there has been snow, rain, sun and a brutal wind. The temp is -5C. It’s April in the GTA so nobody is surprised.  Today was going to be the big rake and prune day, now … Continue reading

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April Yearnings and New Plantings

This time of year it is very, very tempting to engage in new planting.  That digging and setting into the ground is a wonderful feeling

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Rake in Waiting and Tetanus

At last, a new blog entry! Remember I am a great gardener but a lousy blogger. Regardless, thank you for your patience and here I am again. I am hanging tough letting winter leaves rest over the garden. I thought … Continue reading

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Late Summer Gardening

Yes Yes I am a lousy blogger….but not a bad gardener.  I just don’t have the energy for both so the living take precedent (not a bad rule to live by.) The most important thing to remember about August gardening … Continue reading

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Feeding Your New Roses

I beg of you, I am pleading with  you: I am on my knees keying this:  UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES USE ROSE FOOD – liquid, granular, powder. If it says “Rose Food” put it back, don’t touch it, run away, sneer … Continue reading

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