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I LOVE GARDENING. My garden is the best place in the world and yours can be too. It is the place of sanity, equality, growth and tolerance, beauty, energy and tranquility. It is the best of life all in one place. Big or small, your garden is worthy of your energy, time and love.

Another Kind of Visitor

Nature is of course varied and infinite. Even in the winter garden…hawks, fox, squirrels, and the odd possum (yuk.)  But yesterday I had visitors I actually would prefer to keep to the woods across the highway and the creek down by … Continue reading

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WELL! Imagine that….it has been three years since I have posted here.  THREE YEARS!?!?!?! What have I been doing….lots of great reading for one thing and lots of lunches with pals and lots of gardening.

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Typical of moody April, today there has been snow, rain, sun and a brutal wind. The temp is -5C. It’s April in the GTA so nobody is surprised.  Today was going to be the big rake and prune day, now … Continue reading

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April Yearnings and New Plantings

This time of year it is very, very tempting to engage in new planting.  That digging and setting into the ground is a wonderful feeling

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Rake in Waiting and Tetanus

At last, a new blog entry! Remember I am a great gardener but a lousy blogger. Regardless, thank you for your patience and here I am again. I am hanging tough letting winter leaves rest over the garden. I thought … Continue reading

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Late Summer Gardening

Yes Yes I am a lousy blogger….but not a bad gardener.  I just don’t have the energy for both so the living take precedent (not a bad rule to live by.) The most important thing to remember about August gardening … Continue reading

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Feeding Your New Roses

I beg of you, I am pleading with  you: I am on my knees keying this:  UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES USE ROSE FOOD – liquid, granular, powder. If it says “Rose Food” put it back, don’t touch it, run away, sneer … Continue reading

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