Faith Redeemed

Gardening – Faith Redeemed

Gardening is the fastest growing past-time around the world.  In every corner of our planet, people are turning and re-turning to the soil.  In the obscenely privileged western world, people garden as a hobby, in other places, people garden to survive.  Mass Plantings are Massively BeautifulEverywhere individuals -predominantly women – are kneeling down, bending into and digging the earth with the faith that the seeds or plants placed in  small holes and tenderly watered will bring forth blooms, food and faith redeemed.

Do Not Disturb

And as we plant and tend and harvest, cultivate and cut, we are becoming our most ancient selves, sharing our time with ancestors only logic tells us lived.  Turning to the soil for sustenance of every sort – as did they – physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual.

Gardening is not work, it is gardening. Be it in a small pot, a tiny plot or an expansive sunny field, gardening is not work – it is gardening,

Garden…anywhere…it will save your life.


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