Typical of moody April, today there has been snow, rain, sun and a brutal wind. The temp is -5C. It’s April in the GTA so nobody is surprised.  Today was going to be the big rake and prune day, now that the forsythia are in bloom.  BUT – it is bloody cold and the wind defeats my raking.  garden going on without us

One of the great trademarks of gardeners is patience – so be patient knowing that there are warm, still days ahead – around the corner – very soon.  Your garden will always wait for you. In the meantime, get to the library and take a look at Lorna Crozier’s book The Garden Going On Without Us. It is one of my favorites.


About realgardeningforrealpeople

I LOVE GARDENING. My garden is the best place in the world and yours can be too. It is the place of sanity, equality, growth and tolerance, beauty, energy and tranquility. It is the best of life all in one place. Big or small, your garden is worthy of your energy, time and love.
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  1. Cheerios says:

    This will be done!

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