Late Summer Gardening

Yes Yes I am a lousy blogger….but not a bad gardener.  I just don’t have the energy for both so the living take precedent (not a bad rule to live by.)

The most important thing to remember about August gardening is DO NOT PRUNE.   I am terribly sad to say that it is too late.  If you prune now: roses, shrubs, hydrangea, lilacs – you name it, leave it.  Keep it well fed and watered and that’s it.  In many parts of the country August can mean draught so do not let up on watering.    Although you may not see anymore blooms, much much much is happening in your garden…roots are spreading, roots are strengthening and the soil is continuing to build its little cities and all the creatures  who live in those soil cities (see previous blog) 

The problem with pruning from now through the fall, is that you will force new growth that will not have the chance to age enough to ward off the effects of frost.  I am sorry to mention the word ‘frost’  but there it is….you just have to think about this now. 

What else is happening: my old hydrangea tree’s blooms are turning a beautiful burnished bronze.  My new hydrangea are blooming blue.  Blue Angel Hydrangea

My Rudbeckia are blooming and bright in the sun and best of all, my Japanese Anemone have finally bloomed.  Their pale pale pink blooms with the glowing yellow centres are dancing in the afternoon sun along the driveway.  Bees buzz round and round, lighting busily gathering the golden pollen.  Watching this is nearly as grand as watching a bird bath.

Finally,who is in your garden now? The Monarch Butterflies, the Yellow Finches, warblers and really all bird-kind are gathering seeds.  Wether they are flying south (oh dear another autumnal reference….sorry)  or readying for winter, watch for yellow finches on your purple cone flowers and butterflies at your butterfly bushes or on milk weed.  Hummingbirds too will be whipping around your garden readying for their trip. 

Late summer is incredibly busy time in the garden, underground and overhead.

Next up: what to plan come September….really the very best time to plant perennials.

Don’t forget to stare at your garden now, as time is changing the light and the shadows  are  long and beautiful earlier.  See, it’s not all sad.



About realgardeningforrealpeople

I LOVE GARDENING. My garden is the best place in the world and yours can be too. It is the place of sanity, equality, growth and tolerance, beauty, energy and tranquility. It is the best of life all in one place. Big or small, your garden is worthy of your energy, time and love.
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