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When Forsythia Are Blooming

When forsythia are blooming nothing bad can happen….come snow, blizzard, freezing rain or terrible temps, anything that the fast fading old man winter has to throw at us … means nothing…zero, zip, zilch. His time is SO over!   Relax! Nothing is … Continue reading

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GRASS TO GARDEN – Perennials and Garden Thinking

Perennials are the backbone, the life and the love of every garden.  Never mind what garden grumps whine over – they don’t last long, they cost more than annuals, blahblahblah.  That is the talk of the Un-Gardener, a person who … Continue reading

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GRASS TO GARDEN:New Garden…New World

It’s possible to dig up the sod you want to evolve into gardens.  BUT: this is back breaking work. After digging it you have to get rid of it….most municipal garden waste programmes do not take sod in their collections…it … Continue reading

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Grass is a great surface for kids, croquet and cutting.  If you have a grassed area of more than 10’x10′ you have a monoculture and that means lots of problems. It means there is too much of one (mono) thing … Continue reading

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On DigIts and Italian Shoes In The Garden

Who wears good Italian shoes in the garden?  I do I do and I do love my Italian Gardening Shoes and my gardening pals love to rib me about them….but they have bought them too! I found them at Lee … Continue reading

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On Brains, Gloves and A Garden of Eden

I’m hearing/reading a lot about garden snakes, garter snakes, kids finding them, cats presenting them, basements featuring them. First; relax. A snake will surprise you but that doesn’t mean they want to hurt you. In residential areas, unless you find … Continue reading

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On Birdbaths and Chimes and Spiritual Investments for the World

So, I always tell myself there is no budget for the garden. What I think the garden needs is what I go out and find. This does not mean I spend like a gardener who is tipsy on gin and … Continue reading

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